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    Of 19 analysts with price estimates on Palm, 17 say it’s worth less than the April 16 closing price of $5.59, according to Bloomberg data. Analysts at Morgan Joseph & Co., Canaccord Adams and Berenberg Bank say the stock has no value. The longer it takes for a buyer to emerge, the more the price will fall as the company spends cash and struggles to compete with Apple Inc.’s iPhone and Google Inc.’s Android software, said Matthew Thornton, an analyst at Avian Securities LLC in Boston.

    “This is a depreciating asset,” said Thornton, who has a “neutral” rating and share price estimate of $3.25. “Unless they’re able to somehow create a real bidding war, which I don’t see brewing, this can drag out and anyone who has interest can sit back and wait.”
    Palm Unlikely to Sell at Current Price, Analysts Say (Update1) -

    So what happens now?
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    Well worse case is someone waits and buys Palm at a lower price. The waiting may not be long though - the price may drop pretty quickly if these kind of articles keep appearing. Plus assuming the price keeps dropping, a serious buyer can't simply wait until the stock is worth $0 since other buyers may emerge as the price would be more to their "liking".

    This interesting piece along with the BS article on Friday about no longer existing SMS vulnerabilities really has me thinking there's a lot of folks out there that need Palm's stock price to drop so they don't lose their shirts on the short sales.

    This post in no way claims Palm WebOS is a perfect OS. Like wise it does not mean WebOS is a terrible OS that deserves to die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Even if the price goes down to$0.01 The Pre will still be the best phone out there. Palm's failure as a company has nothing to do with the Pre.
    I think that a company with more $ could get all the features of an EVO4 on Pre2 within 3-4 months if done correctly and improve the bulid quality.

    The 3rd missing factor on pre1 is advertising. I mean that ginger chick doesn't make me wanna go out and buy a pre. Now Angelina Jolie is known to use a Pre so maybe she could do a commercial? That would make a few people go out and buy a pre. Angie?
    Pre3 rhymes. Are we gonna call it pre10 or prex?
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    Rumors are usually half true and I doubt they were really trying to "sell"... there is some other stuff going on behind the scenes I bet but outright selling didnt make sense to me...

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