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    I forward my Lotus Notes email using an agent to my Earthlink Account where all mail looks like it comes from my LotusNotes Account Name.

    I have used some mail programs before that showed me who it was actually from when I hit REPLY because the Reply-To field still held the original senders address.

    I have tried OneTouch, Iambic Mail, and Mailer and none of them work this way.

    I know it is possible because my Outlook 2002 POP3 replies correctly. And TreoMail worked correctly as well but I've dropped that until they find a way to show Who & the Sublect in the SMS Message. Maybe even the first bit of the email itself. As much as it could fit. But anyway......

    Are there any suggestions as to which programs work like this???
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    I don't have a suggestion, but I would like to get a copy of your Notes agent as we use Notes here too. Any chance you could send to
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    Man, you scared me for a second. I work for a company called Alliance and I am supposedly not allowed to run forwarding agents for security purposes. I did not write the agent myself but a friend did in our IS department since he has administrative rights and I do not. I'll see if I can get it for you or at least get you instructions. Which version of the Notes Client are you using? Which version of the Mail Server are you using? Just in case he asks.
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    I can assure you that we are not the same Alliance... Our company is a startup (5 weeks old) and is called Alliance Tech. If you could get the agent, that would be great.

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