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    Quick questions on how a user inputs text into the various applications on a Treo. I've been a Palm graffiti user for a while and for some reason, I'm not connecting how this is done for Treo's with the qwerty keyboard.

    So, here are the questions I have:
    1. If I open up the 'calendar' application, can I do this with keyboard? Can I do this with all apps? Is there a single button that opens up the apps screen and I must pull out the stylus to select the appropriate app?
    2. If I wanted to open calendar and enter an appointment, can I use the keyboard only to select the time, enter the appointment name, and select a reminder?
    3. How often do people have to pull out the stylus? Seems like it would be awkward to work with both a stylus and have to type on the keyboard at the same time. How is this done?

    Thanks in advance!
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    hey this is just one guys answers to those q's, im sure theres more answers.

    1. yes you can open the calendar with the keyboard. technically its not the keyboard you are using you use the buttons on the bottom, second from the left. you can open 8 applications using the bottom buttons and the shift button. there are third party apps you can get that can give you the ability to change the eight (like make one the launcher) apps or 3rd party software that can make use of the jog dial for opening applications. when on the launcher screen, (w/o 3rd party software) you use a finger or the stylus to open apps.
    2. if you start typing on the screen on datebook, it starts making an appointment for you, but i havent found a way to pull up details so i can select the time and put on an alarm and such w/o touching the screen. im sure theres a way to do it i just dont know.
    3. the jog dial, the up/down keys and the keyboard are excellent at navigation, especially for the phone functions. you wont have to pull out the stylus too much for regular day 2 day use. you will have to tap the screen every now and then, but only for 1 tap here or there, which means you wouldn't have to pull out the stylus. you will however need to pull out the stylus when an application you are using requires it (like some games) and you will definitely need to pull out the stylus when you use blazer.

    there you go, hopefully some one can answer number 2

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