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    Running at 800mhz WebOS is freakin awesome!

    I can't imagine the experience at 1ghz or above...on a larger HD 4G speeds!!!

    You can keep your Android & the Evo, I'll take the Palm Phoenix w/ WebOS 2.0 anyday!

    I do think that they better get this guy announced before the Evo is released though! If not the "organs of doom" will become deafening...
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    I agree that given Palm's recent financials the C40 could very well be the last phone they put out on the market if it doesn't turn things around them for them.

    Like Cary I waited 6 months with my blocky and outdated Treo 755P to get a Pre and really hope Palm has something official announced (and hopefully released) before all of their early adopters contracts are up.

    Has anyone tried e-mailing Rubinstein? :-)
    Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 755P -> Palm Pre
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    I'll believe it when I see it
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    Can't wait.
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    Still waiting and ill keep waiting.. every day my pre keeps getting better and better
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    That's just wrong to bump this thread up at this time . Wow my hopes were up...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tj0827 View Post
    That's just wrong to bump this thread up at this time . Wow my hopes were up...
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    Wow, curses, my heart had skipped a beat.
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    Subscribing. Can't wait for a video.
    What if this whole crusade's a charade? -Trent Reznor
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    Quote Originally Posted by NINnerd View Post
    Subscribing. Can't wait for a video.
    If we're lucky, we'll see a grainy spy-pic first.

    As tightly as Palm kept the Pre locked down, it's pretty unlikely we'll see anything before Palm decides to release official pics. And that won't be until after it's officially announced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatwilsonguy View Post
    I hope this is true, I too am getting ready to bail on Palm for an EVO. Dell just dropped a MIRV of phones to include some hardware I would love to see WebOS on.

    www . engadget . com/2010/04/21/dell-lightning-the-ultimate-windows-phone-7-device-leaks-out
    Dell Lightning: the ultimate Windows Phone 7 device leaks out -- Engadget
    The keyboard... well the whole phone looks like a Pre with Windows Phone 7 buttons instead of a gesture area. I'm hopping H/Palm goes for that same look with the C40/Pre 2/whatever it'll be called (although I would miss the roundness of the Pre).
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    why can't a Palm employee leave his C40 at a bar so we can see it.... lol
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