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    Not good when your CFO want's to bail too but sticks around because of a bargain. By the way, for those of you that don't read the article or just skim it, the guy that left, Senior VP of software and services -- Michael Abbott ... is the man responsible for WebOS.

    Palm's SVP of software and services takes off, others (including CFO) given cash to stick around -- Engadget
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    It seems Palm is suffering from schizophrenia. One part of its corporate brain knows it has a fatal disease and is shutting down the body, one system at a time. Another part of its brain is in serious denial and is trying to proceed as if everything was OK and it is just business as usual. Yes, they are looking for a buyer. Yes, their executives are trying to leave. But, yes, Palm is announcing new carriers, and yes, they are still hiring new talent. Which end of this dog do you believe: the wagging tail or the growling, toothy muzzle?
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    This is getting worse.

    Imagine what life would have been had Palm launched PalmOS upgrade with a system as great as WebOS deck of cards but without the complexity of the cloud. A system that has the PIM strength of PalmOS and also its robustness. They would have kept the loyal Palm users.

    Imagine what life would have been had Palm been less ambitious of being the iphone killer and launched Pre 3 months earlier than Iphone 3Gs with simple, cheaper advertisements. They would have attracted new users.

    Importantly, they would have money to invest on quality hardware, new products and extend sales to other geographies.

    Palm would not have been number one but they would be in a better position than they are now.

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    MA was responsible for webOS in the sense that a manager is responsible for his subordinates.


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