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    Totally agree...
    Nice device....
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    I am sorry. I would never buy this thing even if it was $100 a pop. I suppose the Graffiti worshippers will be happy. I think that The Treo has the smarter design. The design on this bluechip thing does notg seem right at all.
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    explain how your face wouldn't TOTALLY smear up the screen every time you used it.

    that's the biggest immediate drawback from the looks of it to me.

    also, no qwerty.
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    No backlit graffiti area, no keyboard, four application buttons positioned so it is difficult to play games.

    I am happy with my Treo 270 purchase!
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    First impressions, is that this looks like a palm device and a phone, it does not look like an "integrated" device. Just my opinion.
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    I wonder if the headset and screen backlight work on THAT palm-based phone?

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    Putting the screen on the hinged part of the clamshell can't be good. It looks pretty nifty, but it's going to take more of a beating than the treo screen. Plus you can close the treo and still see the screen. Once you close that thing up, you can't use it. Plus the keyboard rocks on the treo.

    Neat device, but hardly a treo killer.

    - Matt
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    First of all.. if this little machine sold for $100 I'd definitely kick the tires on the thing (I just spent 5x that for the T270 afterall). However, I don't like the fact that you have to open it to see the screen. That makes one hand driving/name look-up and dialing with my coffee on my lap a much more difficult task (just kidding Mom, I don't really do that ).
    Let's face it... the T270 is very nice.. but as is our nature (early adopters).. We'll all be "adopting" 2 or 3 more times in as many years to come. That's just the way we are.. and why? Because that "something else" is always better, that's why. And something better than the TREO 270 will come along soon. My hope is that it will still have an HS logo on it because I like the underdog. In this case... this is not better. Different, but not better (at least based on my vast experience with it - i.e. one photo ).
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    I was willing to spend my money on a Treo 180g ... I wouldn't even consider this thing. Granted the 180 and 270 aren't perfect, they certainly are much better than this version.
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    Neither device is "better." One may be better suited to your needs but since everyone has different needs and values certain features more than others, one device will never be flat-out better than the other. Besides, how can anyone even attempt to make a comparison when there isn't even a complete list of specs available for the device? Graffiti vs. keyboard, tradtional phone keypad vs. qwerty keyboard, 3.5 vs. 4.1, screen technology, size, vs. useability, possible expansion, etc. are all features/options that people will have different opinions on and a lot of these issues can't even be discussed because again, hardly anything is known about the Samsung device.
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    Yes Marty, YES! I feel your passion... and I quite agree with you.
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    Kyocera also has a new smartphone that looks exactly like this one. Maybe they both have the same OEM.

    In any case, I think that the placement of the Graffiti area would make the phone awkward to use as a PDA. The Treo 180g looks and feels more natural in this respect. ON the bright side, maybe competition from this device will make Handspring come out with a Treo 270g. In the meantime, I'm getting more and more comfortable with the keyboard on my 270 every day.
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    In the meantime, I'm getting more and more comfortable with the keyboard on my 270 every day.
    I was hesitant to get the keyboard version but after a few months I couldn't imagine having to use two hands to look up a phone number, enter in a todo or enter in an appointment. Using one hand is just so much better that I completely see why Handspring went with the keyboard on the Treo 90.
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    I prefer the thumboard, but having a hard T9 keyboard and Graffiti like the Kyo 6035 (as opposed to the Samsung I-300) is nice. If the "Bluechip" name implies that it's got bluetooth on board, that would sweeten the pot. This is a great option for Graffiti fans. But I'm still waiting for the Treo 300.

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