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    I've been having connection problems with Earthlink and my 270 off and on since I got it.

    Usually I can connect no problem but every 5th time (or so) that I try to connect it does the following:

    Says "Dialing Earthlink"
    Then "Retrying" after only about 5-7 seconds
    Then gives me an error "Network Busy, wrong dial-in number, or data service not enabled. (0x1102)"

    After a reset or two or if I change dial-in numbers it usually works again. Once I had to call Voicestream and they "reset" my account even though it looked fine, which did get me going again.

    Anybody have any ideas before I call Handspring?


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    That is a voice stream problem. That is the same message I get all the time when logging in from work. I never get it from home (ever).
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    While I don't doubt it could be a VS problem it ALWAYS clears up after a hard reset (two so far anyway).

    Maybe a VS disconnect/connect puts the Treo modem into a "funky" state that it can't recover from.

    Anybody else find any other causes locally (init strings, hacks, bad apps, etc.) that could explain this.

    As I said, I believe VS may have something to do with it, just want to see hwat else MAY be happening.
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    I live in NJ. I have the same kind of connection issues. BUT if I set my dialin to Earthlink in NYC it works every time. I agree it is a VS issue, but why dioes it always work if I dial NYC and not reliably in NJ (except when I am physically in my home location - then it is about 70%. So I now dial free to NYC and connect everytime. (Free because LD is in my VS plan.)
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    It almost sounds like there are better and worse Earthlink POP locations to connect to. This makes some sense because often when I can't connect changing the Earthlink number to another one works fine.

    Just out of curiosity what is the NY number you're having the best luck with?

    I haven't found a discernible pattern with my local MA/RI numbers yet.


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    Hi Bostonguy -

    I lived in Newton for years!

    I call Eathlink NYC at 1-212-202-6884

    It works all the time.


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