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    I have a Treo 180k, which as many of you know moved the four silk-screen buttons that are on the griffiti area of non-keyboard palms. The calculator button is gone, but I don't really miss it. The "menu" button is a single keypress and the "find" is a option+keypress, which are both just fine. However, I use the "home" button quite a bit to navigate to the different groups of applications, and in the name of efficiency, I'd rather not have to option+keypress to activate that button.

    What I originally did was reassign the Blazer app button to launch "Applications" using Prefs->Buttons, which worked great. But I have now started using SliverScreen, which intercepts the "home" button to switch between application groups. I have reassigned the Blazer app Button to launch SliverScreen, but it doesn't change groups if I hit that button again. It only works if I hit the "home" button, which requires the option+keypress.

    Sorry for the long backstory, but is there an easy way to reassign the Blazer App button to be the "home" button? (Either that, or get SilverScreen to realize that's what I want it to do when I try to launch it when its already active... )
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    You could try EasyLaunch (hackmaster extension) at

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