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    Motorola would be a better fit than HTC. Motorola was good at making solid phones. And they would but an emphasis and a personal touch to the webos line of phones. HTC would just crank out the same phone design regardless of OS.
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    Yeah, but their Droid is doing great. What they're thinking about is probably following that up with another Android phone, not getting an entirely new mobile OS altogether.

    If it weren't for Android then they'd be a good candidate. Then again, if it weren't for Android, webOS, might've done better on Verizon.
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    This is a good idea, it only falls short of palm not selling at all.
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    don't understand motorola as an option. they weren't in that good of a position prior to droid. doesn't help that vzw is coming out with an htc device officially called the "droid incredible". droid is (if not has become) a household name... not just for motorola it now seems (sucks for them), but for any android based hardware.

    not sure why motorola would bank on webos being their only os. especially to a struggling company like palm when motorola was struggling themselves not too long ago.
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    Dont think Moto is swimming in cash to make this kind of purchase.
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    IMHO, Motorola wouldnt be interested, in the slightest.

    They are hardly just a phone manufacturer; get a look at their web site to see what they are all about.

    They are likley more than happy making phones with a free OS (or for companies like T-Mobile, etc.. who order a specific phone design) on it, and enjoying the profits from that.

    Any other phone OS would likely require addtional ovehead that they just don't need.

    HTC is HUGE into smartphones... and they are a much more likely candidate, in this regard, for any sort of real equity position in PALM for WebOS and their patent portfolio.
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