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    Is there anybody playing the electronhut Freecell (here) with a Treo with keyboard ?
    I play a lot this game on my old Palm and I don't want to loose some shortcuts feature if I buy the Treo without graffiti area.
    1) During game I use to highlight a particular card by graffiti writing its number. Does this work with the Treo keyboard and with how many keystrokes ?
    2) After I complete the game I use to launch the next one with ctrl+n. In graffiti it's only :menu:N How is it possible with the Treo kb ?

    Thanks for your help if you want to test it for me.
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    The same functions exist for the keyboard - type a number or letter (t, j, q, k) to highlight the cards, or do MENU+n for new game, etc. You still have to tap the cards with the stylus to move them, however.


    P.S. Go for the keyboard - I just 'switched' and I love it!!!!
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    OK it's more clear now. I've checked on Handspring website how to use the keyboard and I still worry about this : during the game you have to play with the blue button to switch between text and number if you want to select 5 or J, or 6 or K.
    Well I suppose after a while it's not a big problem ? Do you confirm ?

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    Yes - you have to press the blue option button to get the numbers, but after a while, you get used to it. It doesn't seem like much of an inconvenience to me - about as 'inconvenient' as having to make an extra graffiti stroke to get punctuation, capitals, etc.

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    Thanks Michael,
    I think I'll definitely go for the 'k' version.


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