Do you think you should sell your Prism?

I could kick myself for getting rid of so many things --see old people thread -- and was thinking of selling my Prism/Targus keyboard/MagellanGps/SM adaptor and cards/cases/Novatel Modem/ect ect ect. to make up the cost of the Treo. But will this awsome Pda be like an Atari, or Apple IIe (thankfully I found another handheld red LED line football quarterback game)??? The springboard appears to be on it's way out, or is it? Think of the companies who dove in and made us all these great toys. I think the HS Prism will be a great tool for people for many years to come, and I think people will still buy the cheap Pda's for their first try at one. I know everytime I let people play DopeWars, (a simple, yet 'addictive' game) they end up buying a Handspring. I should get a free 270 for all the good vibes I've put out since my little solo model. Microsoft may eventually win out the war, but HS will be remembered by many, and will be kept alive by it's loyal base for as long they keep us drooling for more, better, faster models. I have put a good amount of cash into the Palm economy, as many of you have too. Seems to me, we're still going strong. And compare the 270 to the new Nokia brick, I think most would opt for HS. These other phone companies seem to be following what HS has in our hands, NOW. Thanks HS and Visor/Treo Central fans, my life is less cluttered and more connected than ever thanks to everyones efforts. Let's keep up the good work