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    I've always wondered if it would be possible to make a customizable phone to fit different users needs. It would be perhaps hard to accomplish, but even a few customizable options would be useful.

    It would have to use a sort of nap in system, or a pci-express mini style card to slide in a card with different features.

    You'd have a base phone with empty slots for say a camera, then you could pick no camera, 2mp, 6mp, 12mp etc, and create a phone based on your needs. If you wanted wifi/bluetooth you could slide in the card with wifi, bluetooth, if not, you could remove that option for a cheaper phone.

    It would be tough to accomplish but be kind of like making a PC at dell.

    Doable yes, likely to happen? Doubtful.
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    doable, yes. If you want to have a phone the size of an suv. No. Seriously, sockets eat up a ton of space. Most laptops don't even socket the internal hardware(with the exception of the wifi card) much less something as small as a phone. That said, if you can find a phone that has a compact-flash(do they even make those any more) slot then you can put expansion cards in there to add things like wifi and what not... But again. How big do you want your phone to be?
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    that would be amazing. But will never happen because no company would call that a good business strategy.
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    And if you think the hardware is cheap with just ONE model.....

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