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    theres been lots of talk about a buyout of PALM, with mentions of a complete buyout, just some more cash, just for the patents blah blah blah.......

    It set me thinking, what I would do if i where HTC.

    1) I wouldnt want to pay $1 billion just to get PALMS patents.
    2) I don't mind having webOS as another option.
    3) I need to defend myself from apples patent suit
    4) I don't mind making hardware for PALM (like i did in the old days TREO...)
    5) I dont want to license webOS from PALM

    If I where PALM.

    1) I need cash lots of it.
    2) I need better and newer hardware


    HTC should buy a large amount of shares in palm (equiv. to Elavation part.)

    HTC gets;
    1.) Doesnt cost as much as buying PALM
    2.) defense from apples patents (I own counter patents, "you sue me I sue you"
    3.) new palm hardware made by HTC. (earn some more money.)
    4.) I have webOS as another option (no need to license.)

    PALM gets;

    1.) infusion of cash
    2.) webOS gets onto more phones
    3.) latest hardware
    4.) and a partner that produces phones.

    Am I missing something or is this a good idea.
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    I'm still cheering for cisco, they are worth over 150 billion dollars, and have nealy 40 billion dollars to spend.(google and apple each have less than 25... I'm really getting tired of typing this, but want to let people know...
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    cisco? They're just going to make palm worse. I rather have comcast buy it haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    cisco? They're just going to make palm worse. I rather have comcast buy it haha.
    I think I echo this ... anyone remember what USRobotics and then 3Com did to Palm? One could say that it was a big contributor to where Palm is now ... innovation and progress got completely stifled as corporate politics took over.

    Funny.. 3Com and USRobotics used to be market leaders in modems / network gear, with tonnes of cash too ...seems like history is repeating itself.

    Quote Originally Posted by abegee
    PALM gets;

    1.) infusion of cash

    This isn't entirely true.. You'd think that'd be the case, but if I remember correctly, the only time that Palm would see cash as a result of a share transaction is if: (a) the shares purchased aren't currently owned by another shareholder or (b) if Palm issues new shares.

    IF the shares are already owned by another shareholder ... they would get the benefits of the funds ...

    +10 for HTC though! I still love my Touch Diamond, and swear that if my Palm Pre had the same build quality and solid feel, I'd be in heaven!
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    Would buying a large stake in palm really give HTC access to the patents? I don't know for sure but it seems like they would actually have to buy the company outright if the wanted to own the patents.

    I hope whoever buys palm just takes them under their wing, gives them billions of dollars to compete with google and apple, and just lets them do their thing. As a webos fan, I know palm is fully 100% capable of being a competitve company, they just never had the money.
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    IF HTC takes part ownership in PALM with a stratigic investment and gets shares in return for their investment, PALM can license rights to their patents over to them as a part of the investment contract.

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