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    A few weeks ago, some classmates and I set about to analyze Palm, Inc from a strategic, financial, and competitive point of view. We knew we had a leg up because of all the sites related to analyzing Palm, including (to some extent) Precentral. The assignment was to choose a company for the project that we could analyze and make valid recommendations based on our knowledge from class.

    I promise this .zip is not a virus or anything and I pay $100 a year for a BitDefender license (and use the product extensively) so I'm entirely sure my computer is virus free and no harm will come to you from opening this.

    I'm happy with how it turned out and wanted to share. The vast majority of the community members here will know all of this already, but my professor and classmates won't. If you're interested and read through it, let me know what you thought and if there is anything I should include in our presentation tomorrow that we didn't think of in here.

    Thanks in advance,
    -billy the kid
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    Ah, just realized I left out something rather important... the Pilot was released in 1996! It's been a rough couple of days... I need some sleep.

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    I wish I would've seen this earlier and been able to provide some feedback! I received my MBA a year and a half ago and wish I had the opportunity to analyze today's Palm for class projects as you have! I'll look things over tonight

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