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    Below are my biggest gripes with this phone and the frustration I have with this company. I had a Treo 680 before this phone and was out early for a launch-day Pre. I've been a big supporter of this phone and resisted the idea that Palm couldn't survive in this market and would eventually be cut out. Now, I simply refer to my phone as the "FacePalm Pre".

    1. General OS Issues
      Need to refactor it using the PDK or native C code. The lack of GPU driven animations and threaded event handling is killing this phone and making it as slow/laggy as an epileptic senior citizen. Detailed explanations:

      • Threading
        When I click on a button, it should react immediately. All user interface inputs should be handled on the main thread, with all tasks and operations on background tasks. That's how it works with most half-baked professional products, but that's currently not how it works at Palm apparently. Currently, sometimes you can press and press a button and then a second later it will react to what you're doing (Typically I've seen this when hanging up on a phone call). The phone is placing all tasks into a giant queue and when it gets to yours, it reacts. That is poor interface design.
      • GPU-Driven OS
        The fact that the animations for every other click in the OS aren't going through the GPU is sad. There really isn't any excuse for it either. It was a poor decision at the beginning and the longer things drag out, the worse the decision gets, and the sader it is that they haven't pushed out a 2.0 release to fix the crap they released. To give you an idea of how much the GPU matters and would help this phone, you can play one of the highly graphic intensive games from Gameloft for over an hour and still have half your battery. Or you can play the simplistic Javascript game Bubbles and be out of power in about 45 minutes. The WebOS is based on the Javascript power handling method.

    2. SDK/PDK
      The phone has been out for nearly a year, and the GPU has practically gone useless in that time frame. What a waste of money. If they knew it'd take a year to get the GPU put to use, they should have just left it out of the spec for the 1st generation phones and saved us all the heartache. The SDK and PDK betas should have been released back last Februrary. They still don't have the PDK out in production yet. Pathetic Palm. What the heck are y'all doing? RELEASE IT ALREADY! Time is not on your side.

    3. Access
      Give access to the stinking phone already. Again we are over a year in (since the first demo) and the PDK-beta doesn't even have access to the mic. It would be really nice to have voice dialing, be able to take voice memos, and Shazam. Palm, again. What? the? hell?

    4. App Store
      It still sucks. And it just got released to Europe. Explain yourself Palm.

    5. Where's the Urgency?
      Had they done the following things when they released this phone, we'd be talking about Palm in an entirely different light right now:
      1. Release the phone soon after their announcement in January of 09. Not six months later. And the Verizon release should have been the one in June of last year.
      2. Figure out that the Ad company you hired was completely worthless. It took nearly a year for you to wake up???
      3. The SDK/PDK should have been release on our around release date. ATLEAST in beta form.
      4. Purchasable Apps should have been out worldwide soon after the SDK/PDK went public.
      5. Written your OS in C, so it could properly and easily access the GPU and do threading.

      Instead, PALM has been sitting around twiddling their thumbs thinking they have all the time and money in the world doing God knows what. They dropped a bomb on the phone market with a great phone and plan over 15 months ago, and then jumped feet first into a grave and immediately started burying themselves. Seriously, what major enhancements have been made in the 10 months with this OS since its been released? I don't get it.
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    Um.. dude.. the App store has been out of Beta for a while now.

    Feel better?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Um.. dude.. the App store has been out of Beta for a while now.

    Feel better?
    No. And I fixed it. I rarely if ever use it because the one in Preware is better.

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