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    I'm just curious what is the average time for the Network Search and Connection? I'm in NYC, using voicestream and I just did a disconnect/connect test three times.

    It takes about 10 seconds for the Handspring Guy (HG) to popup announcing the start of the network search. After about 40 seconds of HG's aerobic workout, I got the "Welcome to Voicestream". This totals to about 50 seconds.

    Note: One of the three times, it didn't connect. Does this happen often?

    I'm new to portable phones, so I'm not sure what exactly to expect?
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    It takes about 10 sec for me to get the welcome message.

    The times it takes longet I'm guessing it is having trouble connecting to a tower.
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    Network acquisition time can vary due to several factors, including signal strength and network congestion. For instance, at my home, where the Voicestream network is thin, I sometimes wait 40 or 50 seconds, while at my job, which is in the middle of a high traffic area where the network is robust, I can connect in 15 seconds. Was that a run-on sentence?
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    I highly believe it has to do with signal strength. I've noticed that the little acrobatic guy can do his thing for a long time with one bar. When I have a full signal it takes only seconds.

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    I'm in a four bar area and it just took a minute and 10 seconds to connect. Hmm...

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