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    I have been trying to make some Lost (tv) soundtrack ringtones and am running into problems. I have the mp3 edited (using audacity), and I have increased the gain as much as possible without distortion. It still sounds muffled and yucky (compared to similar lost ringtones on zedge). What are they doing to the files to make them sound so crisp and clear. When I listend to the same mp3 with headphones, it sounds awesome, but as a ringtone it sucks. Here are some tips I found on the google. Does anybody disagree with these or want to add something?

    -Trim the song so that it starts at a good loud point, most songs are too quiet at the beginning. And you don't need the whole thing, especially if your answering service kicks in after a few rings...

    -Use an equalizer tool to remove any sounds lower that 100hz since the speaker can't handle the bass anyways...
    #This will remove distortion for when we make it louder.

    -Use a compression tool to trim the whole song to a hard limit of 6db's
    #This trims off the high volume peaks that will distort. It smooths it out.

    -Increase the volume 150-200%
    #Sometimes it take a couple tries to get it as loud as possible without distorting, but the 2 previous steps really help removing distortion and letting you max it out.

    -Save as a wma file in mono at about 48KB/s bitrate, or to your preference here. WMA files are louder than MP3's for some reason.
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    I have an older windows XP in the spare room that I use the built in sound recorder,for some reason the sound recorder on my vista laptop won't do it but heres how I make mine sound crystal clear. I first use roxio to convert the mp3 or other file to a WAV file for some reason they sound the best after dragging them over to the pre,Then I use the sound recorder to open the song it will play the entire thing but all you do is pick the section of the song you want by using the delete before current position and delete after current position to pick the piece you want.I make all mine 30 seconds then I click edit and increase the volume 25% and save.Hook up pre drag it over and I'm done.Sounds awesome on the phone and it's easy to do when a new song comes out bam new ring tone.I was even able to make the old life alert commercial with the old lady saying " I've fallen and I can't get up" the ring tone that plays every time my mother-in-law calls

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