Just curious to see if I may have missed something or it's just not there.

When I connect my pre to the computer as USB and I put 'document' files from my desktop (word, excel, screenshot images, pdf's) - how come it doesn't keep them in a nice directory that shows my folders and the documents I have within those folders?

When I copy my folders that contain the document types above that I want on my pre... the screenshots - which consist of jpegs and pngs AND the pdf's... why do they show up in the Palm Pre Photo Icon? Why do those files have to be mixed into the Palm Pre Photo Icon directory? I'm really not feelin' my 'documents' - which are screenshots in file type png and/or pdf's - why are they mixed in with 'wallpapers', 'downloads' 'photo roll', etc., etc... WHY does it do that?

And... how come when I want to view a document (and I have a lot), I have to use Palms "doc view" and see every single word and excel file I have - listed alphabetically and not in the folders they were brought over in?

And the same thing with the 'pdf viewer'... it has every single pdf file listed in alphabetical order - which is nice, BUT... they were organized into folders so I know where to look for a certain file. Now... I have to swipe and swipe and swipe and swipe and scroll through a lot of files to find the one I'm looking for.

And if a folder I brought over contained a word document, a jpeg or png screenshot and a pdf... why in the world do i have to go to three different areas of my Pres Apps to view it. Why isn't stored in the folders I brought them over in???????????????????

Am I missing something? Please tell me I am!!! Or i it just not possible to store documents within their specific folders for organization?