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    Quote Originally Posted by nychump View Post
    But what if palm releases the pre 2 in the fall and then the company gets sold.

    What happens to those people that just bought that pre 2?
    They will be hunted down and their organs harvested.
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    with all the doom and glom and looking through the apple app store (now I see why people are so antsy about apps. I have some pretty awesome apps on my itouch now that I want on my pre so I don't have to cary around my itouch and use the pre as a wifi hotspot all the time.)

    to add to this, the overclocking patches do seem to slow down after no resets and the tmc does pop up too. So make sure and reset once in a while. Also beware mhs and a overclocking patch as they don't seem to play nice together...

    some new hardware issues I've come across is screen discolorment. For quite some time I've noticed a discolor on the top of my screen, now the bottom looks kinda weird. Can't supposidly replace pres anymore so not going to bother as I don't want a pixie or moment.

    the good news for webos is that supposidly a good source says c40 this year 4g, bigger better screen and 1ghz processor but we shall see. We really need some word from palm. Specifically before iphone Next, comes out and everyone jumps ship and palm sinks. We don't want that, but it's honestly hard to not lean towards that either without knowing what's going on and with all the problems and lack of features for some apps for others. The phone has an awesome UI, just needs everything else to match and palm to hopefully let us know soon what it's planning
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    I was considering purchasing a Palm Pre Plus but I am wondering if I will regret my decision because Palm looks as if its going down the drain. If Palm doesn't find a buyer then what becomes of Palm and their support/updates for their products?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trblsome9six View Post
    If Palm doesn't find a buyer then what becomes of Palm and their support/updates for their products?
    Business as usual .... palm ain't going any where soon, and if they do get bought out its not like our phones are going to stop working, or we lose support for them. I would imagine at the worst case scenario that our homebrew community would take over palm updates in enhancements
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    If they declare bankruptcy, they'll still survive. They'll still produce updates and work at getting better. They'll probably let some people go, regroup, work out debts (if any). But they'll survive.

    As menace said, it should be business as usual for the most part.
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    This has been discussed to death already:
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    If the phone does what you want, don't worry about the company. The worst that can happen is the company dissolves, and you eventually get a new phone...something you will do at some point anyway.
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    NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO PALM! So don't worry about what is happening yet! WebOS is an AMAZING OS and WILL remain an amazing OS even IF Palm is sold! But since we have no idea what is acutally happening, stop worrying -be one of the many that will get to say "I used a webOS phone" -let all the others play with their dumbphones -we have a REAL one!

    As to what will happen if the Pre/Pixi becomes obsolete....the same thing that happens to MOST tech after a few years -it ends up in landfills or being sent to 3rd World countries to be made into a chair or something...

    Get it, Use it, Love it!
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    ...meaning, get the device that is out today that meets your needs...

    I just got a pre plus a couple weeks ago. For me it was a no-brainer. I picked it up at verizon for $90 with a one-year contract. Can't beat that. (Cost was $120, but I got them to give me 1 month credit on the data plan). I repect that VZW allows on-year contracts, especially the way technology is advancing. Mind you, I may have been hesitant if the pre was going for $250 for the on year contract as it was a few months ago. But I couldn't pass this price up with the free mobile hostpot to boot.

    By the end of the year when All the newest phones are out, I'll sit back and shop around until next April. By then, when my one-year contract is up. I'm good to go. (Also, even if you get the two-year pricing with VZW, you can re-up in a year and get the subsidized pricing.) I thought that was cool...
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    yall stressing the situation too much.. Man palm is not being bought out.. This whole situation reminds of sprint a year a go, all the rumors of sprint going bankrupt, being sold or merging with Tmobile,i understand Palm is in a more serious situation but I just don't see it happening. Not a buyout
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