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    Htc will throw webos in the garbage, do yous guys really want that. I think the proper approach would be for palm to license their webos, and be done with it.
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    If HTC buys Palm, I think that there will be 2 reasons:

    1. 1,650 handheld/smartphone patent portfolio. That changes the whole APPLE/HTC patent infringement lawsuit, big time.

    2. HTC is mostly a hardware manufacturer, for other operating systems. They recently developed Sense-UI to put over Android, as their first forray into being a competitor in the smartphone market; in that regard, they are way behind, and, heck, Apple is suing them for the effort, too. If they want to make a REAL effort, they need a real and complete smartphone OS; I doubt that there are many people, Apple-faithful included, that would argue against the WebOS superiority to anything available today. HTC could make a leading edge smartphone, affordably, with one of the best, if not THE best OS out there, and have a huge hit, and go from being a small company to a major player in the smartphone market, by purchasing PALM; "trashing" WebOS would be sheer stupidity; perhaps they'd trash the Pre and Pixie, or, perhaps they would make them with new and better materials, in addtion to a more advanced, superior state o fthe art smartphone...

    Personally, Id rather see a "strategic alliance" between Palm and HTC.. investment and minor part ownership by HTC in PALM - while they remain separate entities, they can share business plans and patents as needed, while building great phones together and make tons of money.
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    I really don't think htc would dump webOS. This would be a perfect situation for them. They would have their own OS. There focused on Android because that's what's hot. this is a perfect opportunity for them in my eyes.
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