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    Who is going to marry Palm? Biography HTC propose marriage

    【Economic Daily ╱'s Ya-Lan Chen / Taipei】
    2010.04.09 06:26 am

    Market rumors, HTC CEO Peter Chou may be too high-level surface with the Palm, Palm intends to get its patent acquisition, counterbalance Apple's infringement complaint.
    (Department of newspaper databases)
    North America Troop Palm intends to sell smart phones, the market yesterday (8) day came, HTC and Palm have been launched on the talks, the expression of M & A will. If successfully bought Palm, HTC will have its own operating system and applications store, patent advantage in the global smart phone is expected to surpass the United States Motorola, a third, while the three brands into the global goal.

    In this regard, HTC, said yesterday that the company has never not comment on any market rumors. According to foreign reports, in the wake of China's Lenovo Group (Lenovo), etc. After the takeover rumors, Palm CEO Rubinstein (Jon Rubinstein) refused to comment, but said: "If there is a reasonable acquisition proposal, the Board will consider."

    It is understood that HTC has started assessment of work, from the legal, financial, brand marketing and research and development at all levels to assess the feasibility of the acquisition strategy for Palm. HTC CEO Peter Chou travel abroad frequently over the past three weeks, has been described as "only five days a month in Taiwan", the rest are flying everywhere. Reportedly, Chou may CTIA communication development in the United States during the high-level meeting with the Palm.

    Palm announced in the last 18 quarterly, the stock price way down and below 4 U.S. dollars, but on the 7th by market rumors after rumors that Lenovo intends to mergers and acquisitions to drive stock prices soared 20%, or 76 cents, to close at 4.62 U.S. dollars, the company increased to market value 779 million U.S. dollars (about 24.6 billion NT).

    Palm inception in 1992, in the computer industry is considered personal handheld devices (PDA) of the most innovative companies, has accumulated more than 1,650 items related to patents, but with access to smart phone era, Palm operating system, although the introduction of web OS and Palm Pre smart phone, but were praised, operating continuously into the red.

    As the performance continued weak sales, low cash flow, had to borrow money at one time came to produce popular Palm Pre promising mobile phone market, analysts have in the past has named Nokia, Microsoft, Dell and Motorola, is a potential buyer, has the transfer out may be the Lenovo Group, as Lenovo CEO Yang recently said the company consider more acquisitions to build mobile network business.

    Legal assessment, Palm now worth only 779 million U.S. dollars, less than one-tenth of the market value of HTC, HTC to the end of the account on the cash of approximately 67.1 billion yuan (20 billion U.S. dollars), with strength in order to acquire all shares in cash, however, Palm is still considered a loss, the cumulative loss over the last three quarters of 108 million to swap merger will save the follow-up operation than a silver bullet.

    Legal persons that, Palm's mobile phone manufacturing orders outsourced to Taiwan, Foxconn, Compal and Inventec Appliances, etc., whether Palm will be sold to whom, is bound to bring new changes in the supply chain in Taiwan. HTC broken up in 7 points after the 400 yuan yesterday, fell back to close at 390.5 yuan, Compal has gained a row to close 37.05 yuan.

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