I just read these articles back to back. and i cant belive the difference the two CEOs have when it comes to answering or evading questions

Jon answered 100% of questions

Palm CEO puts his cards on the table - Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Steve of course talked about his iphone 4.0 that doesnt bring anything new to the table that webos didnt already bring a year ago, then questons are asked in Q&A and steve avoids or makes smart a** remarks to them with no answer! as if he is mocking people

I still cant figure out what the hell is wrong with people and why they presive him as some prophet or cult leader?

Live: iPhone OS 4.0 preview at Apple headquarters - Big Tech - Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Looks like he didnt avoid one question all together.. haha even the editor wrote in the () i quote
We do not have any plans to become a world-wide ad agency. We don’t know much about this advertising stuff. “We tried to buy a company called AdMob, and Google came in and snatched them from us because they didn’t want us to have them,” Jobs says. So Apple bought Quattro instead. (Wow. Amazing that he acknowledged this.)