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    Hi, with all the fuss regarding paid apps for us with legal unlocked German Pre's I have been tryinig to log into the Palm Live chat. I'm on Vista with IE8. Firefox and Opera, but nothing worked. Did anybody have the same problem and found a solution?
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    45 views and no reply? Doesn't anybody else have this problem or is everybody else looking for a solution like me?
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    Don't waste your time. I've used the live chat, and in every instance it was a complete waste of my time. The agents have no ability to actually initiate any service request, they simply repeat back lines from the knowledge base to you or advise you to call support. In every case I've seen here on these forums, any "information" the agents have provided regarding paid apps or other issues has turned out to have been completely inaccurate.

    You're better off calling Palm's corporate offices at 408-617-7000, ask for executive escalations. They should be able to actually address your issue or get it in front of people within Palm who can.
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    I had this issue today. Earlier, I logged in to talk to them fine. Then tonight when I tried to log in again, I couldn't. I use Firefox. So I tried opening IE & it gave me an error on page at the bottom. So I refreshed the page & it worked. Not sure what the deal was.

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