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    As mentioned in my previous post, I have managed to wreck my TREO180g.

    How can I tell if it's only the screen ?

    - The unit ceased to function completely
    (i.e apart from the Black forms - which indicates the screen is broken too, there is no signs of life, nor after hard reset neither while connecting to power - not even the recharge/power led)

    I need to know if screen replacement will solve the issue - or is it something more Substantial?

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Wondering if I took the same hit. Just took my Treo 90 out of the box, charged it up, completed setup instructions, and then began to enter contact information. As soon as I completed my first contact, display screen went dark. When angled certain positions, I can faintly see the expected app on display. I've been trying to correct through display contrast and brightness to no joy. I suspect the display is dead. Anything I can do myself? Display replacement? Thoughts?

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