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    Harsh times brings harsh solutions...

    After Wrecking my TREO180, and while looking for a Screen replacement (BTW - do you know where can I get one - apart ffom Gethightech / palmscreens where I check availability), I came up with the following intresting idea:

    Can one replace the 180/180g screen with a 270 color screen ?

    This could solve 2 major issues:
    1. Save us early adopters the need to replace the whole unit (+ some bucks) - An answer to a very heavy & angry thread...

    2. - Allow Graffiti lovers to have an answer in the form of 270g - if we could find such a screen...

    - Now the only question is... Is it possible at all ?
    Will it require any additional HW/SW changes ?
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    Converting a monochrome device to a color device is just not apossible. The hardware behind each screen is different. You can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of geekazoids would be doing it if it was a possibility.
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    I'm not that certain of what you have written.

    now that I had a chance to open my unit (no problem at all) - it seems that the screen circuitry comes in on a single plastic board, which might be replaceable with the color one.

    I am not sure as to the width of the screen unit - need to see FCC documentation for that, I think it was mentioned.

    And converting from Keyboard to Graffiti seems possible too.

    I wonder if Treo90 screens are the same size...
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    ... buy a new Treo with that luvin insurance you took out on your machine (right?).

    You could end up replacing most of the boards in your machine to get that screen to work but if you're keen, go for it and let us know.

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