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    dam, amazing!

    I wonder if wifi works?
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    Could this be a well-rehearsed video playing on the TX? Seems most likely. {Jonathan}
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    If it is a true hack I would love to try it on my 755 if it was possible.
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    I feel this video is fake, not to sure if the tx hardware would support webos
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    I don't know if it's fake or not, but the thought of it makes my heart race!
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    I doubt it's real.

    TX hardware:
    CPU 312 MHz Intel XScale PXA 270
    Memory 32MB Random Access Memory, 128MB Flash

    Last I checked WebOS weighed in over the 128MB mark. It certainly needs more than 32MB of RAM.

    Source for my information:

    If someone wants to lay down the installed size of WebOS and kernel that would be great.
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    the cpu is over clocked to 600 MHz and only one card can be opened because there's not enough RAM
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    I had a WebOS style application on my centro. It might be the same thing or some kind of refresh of the idea.

    Edit: Just watched the video, nevermind. It may actually be real.
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    this is not a webOS style running on palm os

    It may actually be real.
    yes it is
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    WebOS Skin for your Treo or Centro - Give your PalmOS device a webOS-style wave launcher and card interface with TealOS


    IMPORTANT! - A Palm's request, we have stopped selling TealOS on Monday March 30 at 5:00 PDT. Copies purchased prior to this, however, will continue to function.
    Palm squashed it. At only $14.95 I might have bought it!
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    oldie but goodie

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