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    So all us have heard that Verizon pushes the Droid (Android) over Palm. Well I wanted to see it for myself. I decided to visit my local Verizon store. (no grammar police please)

    I visited the Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer at
    1440 Lake Street
    Roselle, IL 60172

    I left my Sprint Pre in the car, and had my Blackberry 8830 (Sprint) in holster.

    I walked in the store this past Saturday and was quickly greeted. You can tell the salesman was new. The salesmen asked if I was looking for a new line. I informed the salesman that, "I was on split billing with my work on my Blackberry, and I am looking to port my number over." He was a little confused. I broke it down for him. He really didn't know how to qualify the sale. I more or less directed him. I informed the salesman I was looking for a smart-phone (I was standing right next to the Pre display). He was directing my all over the place, until I asked about the Pre Plus. He said it is a really nice phone, and they have another great Palm phone available . Get this... he couldn't remember the name, but he was trying. He said he loved the form factor, it is so light and feels solid. I saw that the Pre Plus was not on the live display, and I asked if they had one I could try. The salesman informed that had not had a display refresh yet. However, "My manager was given one, you can see his." He goes in the back and gets his manager. First thing I ask, "So what to you think of the Palm Pre Plus (triple P), over lets say the Droid?" He said that he was unsure at first, then after messing around for about 30min he was "SOLD!!!". He flat out loves it. He could have talked about it all day. He explained everything it great detail. He had never had a need to use the Mobile Hotspot, they use the MiFi in the store. He even explained my corporate discount, and package options. This is the first time I had a Pre Plus in my hands. I could tell the difference in build. It was weird not having the center button. I asked if he had any hardware issues. He's had it for a couple of months, and has been solid. He is sold on the Palm brand and even unboxed the Pixi to show off how light and nice the phone is.

    Now I am on original hardware from Sprint, I stood in line for 8 hours on release day. My Pre has been great, no issues the hardware looks brand new. My wife has had hers since August, and has been dropped a few time. It has survived with no ill affects.

    I am so happy to see that my local Verizon store manager was issues a Pre Plus. It is a lot easier to sell a product you have taken time to understand. I asked the manager his take of the Droid and Palm Pre. He stated, he would buy the Palm Pre, and could never see using another phone a different way. He bragged about having 38 apps open (38 because that was all he had). He said the Droid now feels clunky and would recommend the Pre Plus over it.

    Charles Reid
    Verizon Wireless
    1440 Lake Street
    Roselle, IL 60173

    I am overall very satisfied with my secret shopper experience. However, I cannot leave Sprint even though I have the Pre Minus. I found that it would cost me about $45 more a month for the same package. I would love to have the Pre Plus, however I think there is some substance behind the C40. I think the C40 might be release on all networks that carry Palm. Lets hope the best for Palm!!!

    Phantom Pain...
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    Cool. You may want to rate the store in the "official: rate your Verizon store" thread (you can find it by googling "rate your verizon store") as Palm is monitoring that thread for Verizon store experiences.

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