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    How many times have you all had a need to restore data after a hard reset of your Treo while away from your computer?

    This does not include having to hard reset after installing some kluge hack - you usually don't do this away from your computer anyways. And usually when one determines that a specific hack or program causes one to hard reset, it's probably a good idea to not reinstall it after the hard reset. What was the old adage...? "Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome each time."

    Myself, I've had the Treo 180 for a month now and never had to hard reset. I've had to do a soft reset because of Blazer, but did not lose any data as a result.
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    When my wife received her TREO 180, I tried to do an immediate HotSync of my VisorPrism to the TREO 180. When I did, I immediately began receiving Fatal Alert messages on the TREO 180 after the HotSync.

    As it turned out, it was the Stowaway Keyboard Driver (v1.60-New from ThinkOutside's website) that was causing the problem. Of course, it took me a while to locate the source. The Fatal Alert would occur immediately after hitting the Reset pin in the back of the TREO 180. To bypass it, I had to hold the UP Arrow and Hit Reset at the same time. Once I did this, I went in and disabled the Keyboard Driver that was set to "Enabled" on my previous configuration. Luckily, I remembered the last few apps I had installed on the Prism and the latest stowaway driver was one of them. This driver "Requires" that you enter the serial number of the Stowaway keyboard which never got entered. As a result, after the HotSync, the driver error'ed out repeatedly. If I hadn't known about the Up-Arrow/Reset Pin capability, I would have had to resort to a Hard Reset.

    I e-mailed ThinkOutside a week or so ago to let them know about this problem, no response yet. Anyways, after doing this I had not run into any further reset issues on her TREO180/TREO270. Although, it was my first experience with the device (not the fault of the TREO) and reinforced my fear of not having a backup solution while I travel...

    Just thought I'd share my experience incase it might help someone who ran into the same problem.
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    I'd like to put in a word for CoLauncher, an application that allows you to launch other applications with a single grafitti stroke. I like it better than Switcheroo because you can activate it with a single press of a button (assign a hardware button to it). It is shareware, so it is more expensive than Switcheroo. It may or may not be worth the money. As for myself, had I heard of Switcheroo before I bought CoLauncher, I probably wouldn't have ever downloaded CoLauncher.
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    Over 3 months, only one hard reset as a result of too many flaky hacks during the first couple of weeks. Rock solid stable now for the last 2.5 months.

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    I went ahead and voted "once" because I had to hard reset once, but I'm not exactly sure why. I think it was because of switcheroo, but I don't know.

    I also think that even the other two people that voted "once" are like me, with some hacks and apps that seem stable but might not be 100%.

    I also did a hard reset before I let my brother borrow my Treo.

    And, like jonecool, I had initially HotSynced my data from my Vx into my Treo. That was a bad idea, as I had several hacks that work best on graffiti devices, as well as a bunch of apps that are only for the Vx (like the PPK driver). After a bunch of problems, I hard reset the Treo, created a new user, and copied my core-4 databases to the new user folder, then "restored" that user. That gave me my core-4 data, and I proceeded to install all my favorites (old and new) for the new user/device. My Treo and Vx both live happily together on my computer.

    I'd bet that most, if not all, of the "never" people take less risks with their Treos. I'd be really surprised to hear of any Treo users with no 3rd party apps have a hard reset.

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    My Treo 180g had a nasty bug that caused it to crash when going from the Calculator app to Launcher III and a couple of other applications. This would always require a hard reset. Since I prefer the powerOne calculator anyway, it wasn't too big a burden except that Handspring's patch for the 180 introduced a bug which caused it to revert to the default Calculator after a soft reset. I forgot about this a couple of times and at least one of these times, I was away from my computer.

    I've had my Treo 270 for four days and so far, no hard resets. I did a couple of soft resets to try to clear up some software conflicts as I tried to reduce my dependence on Graffiti with new, keyboard oriented software. So far, I'm very happy with my 270's stability.
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    Yo Darth,

    How do you like the switch to the keyboard so far?

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

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    Originally posted by Veloslave
    Yo Darth,

    How do you like the switch to the keyboard so far?
    So far, it's not bad. I'm still getting used to it. I'm also using RecoEcho so I can use Graffiti for lighter writing. Unfortunately Blazer doesn't seem to like RecoEcho as it frequently crashes whenever I tap on a field in its bookmark editor with RechoEcho enabled.

    I have been impressed at how easy it is to thumb type with the keyboard. Two notable omissions however are the lack of Tab and Esc keys. It's nice to see that the arrow keys and jog rocker can compensate for the lack of a tab key by allowing me to move from one field to the next in certain application but not all of them. But the only way I can seem to insert an actual Tab stop into a memo is apparently to cut and paste it from LChars. Option+Backspace does a nice job of compensating for the lack of Esc key but I'd really like to see a seperate key for this function anyway.

    Another nice feature is the ability to use the Option+Up or Down arrow key to move through text without overwriting it the way you can with the left and right arrows on a conventional desktop keyboard. Now if only there were a way to simulate the up and down keys on a desktop keyboard (say with Shift+Up or Down arrow) as well.

    As far as navigation is concerned, the 270 is a mixed bag. I like the ability to select URLs in Blazer with the Jog Rocker but dislike the fact that for some reason, my Treo will routinely disconnect as soon as it connects if I keep the flip lid is closed when I go online. This was not a problem with the Treo 180g since without the ability to select URLs with the Jog Rocker and with a monochrome screen, I never even thought to go online with the flip lid closed. But with its lovely color screen and a web browser that takes advantage of the Jog Rocker, the Treo 270 practically begs me to do this all the time!

    I'm using Switcheroo, DA Launcher, and McPhling to get around my Treo with good results except that DA Launcher requires the use of Option+Return to activate which means that I cannot use that keyboard combination to select Done or OK in dialog boxes. For this I either use my fingernail, reach for my stylus, or use PowerJOG although PowerJOG is not always able to recognize buttons (mostly in DAs) on the 270. I still haven't found anything as easy as the Graffiti silk button dependent App/DA Launcher for navigating through my applications but PowerJOG is a very good, albeit somewhat slower alternative.

    All in all, I'm very optimistic about my future with the Treo 270. It's color screen, incremental improvements, and the lack of certain bugs that made me hesitant to take my 180g too far from home are definitely worth the price of admission.
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    NUTS!!!!!!!!! I need to change my vote from 0 to 1. I had to hard reset today. It sucked. And the only computer I could get to I had last synced over a month ago. CRAP!!!!!!! :-)
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    NUTS!!!!!!!!! I need to change my vote from 0 to 1. I had to hard reset today. It sucked. And the only computer I could get to I had last synced over a month ago. CRAP!!!!!!! :-)
    made the change for you...
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    The TAB key is done by using Shift+Space.

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    Originally posted by mfacelle

    The TAB key is done by using Shift+Space.

    I hate sounding stupid but...


    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7
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    With a Visor and a backup module, a hard reset was trivial (so long as you saved early and often - like voting! ). Not so true now with the Treo. If you travel you essentially have to take along a laptop to act as your backup source.

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    I only had one hard reset. I didn't count it in this poll though as it was after the very first hot synch. I'd left my old VisorPhone Deluxe setup on and tried to hot synch it to my new Treo 180. Bad idea. Kept getting Fatal Error Reset, Reset would bring me back to the same msg. It wouldn't boot.

    So I uninstalled BackupBuddy and Palm Desktop, installed new Palm Desktop from the Treo CD and life was good. Had to manually install some apps but could Beam most of my old apps over. About an hour of work to get everything setup nice again.

    Now I've had about a dozen soft resets. But I've been a busy beaver installing lots of new wares that don't work.
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    I voted for Twice while having no access to a PC but that was in the last 2.5 years in which I owned a Visor+VisorPhone. I have never had to hard reset my Treo (which I owned only for 5 days now). I have been busy installing apps on it however but all was pretty smooth. No real problems. Although I do make sure I read all the posts before installing a particular app. I usually decide if I really MUST have that program vs how many users had problems with it and how it might interfere with what's on the Treo already. I go by gut feeling and have been OK so far.
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    I was away this weekend in Florida. Decided to leave the notebook behind. Bad mistake. On the phone when I have Treo Tools turn it off. Called stayed on but with a fault that required a haed reset Lost all my information for the rest of the trip. Could have been worse. It forced me to do the GPRS upgrade when I got back home So I only had one disaster. Sure wish there was an easier way to backup/restore
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    Well, I'm resetting about once a week or so. My Treo crashes regularly, always while I'm not using it. I'll pick it up, see no blinking light and think, "crap, it's crashed." I soft-reset it, it sometimes comes back up, it sometimes crashes again, and sometimes it hard-reset's. If it crashes on soft-reset, I have to force a hard-reset to get it going again.

    As you can imagine, this thing has lost all utility as a PDA. It's still a useful phone, but it's a damn poor palm pilot.

    Anyways, I'm going to head over to Rogers AT&T today to see if they'll replace it for me, or what my options are. Of course, it'll be working fine when I bring it over there...

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    Eudora crashed 1 week into a 3 week trip travelling without the PC. Annoying. I was charging it with an external charger and another thread suggested that Sprint chargers in particular cause fatal crashes during data transfer. I was using an Electric Power Fuel Cell. The problem hasn't recurred but I avoid doing email with a unit charging, so haven't tested it.

    I've had no problems with Switcheroo, which I use constantly. I rarely do a soft reset, much less my one hard reset, although sometimes I remove software by a hard reset and then reinstalling with BackupBuddy, having deleted the program I'm removing.

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