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    is this all the feedback there is out there?
    come on ppl: what is the general feeling about the echo problem in the 270? did handspring manage to pretty much eliminate echo (while using speakerphone) from teh 270, or are we still in the same place the 180 is in?

    pls let me know - i am trying to figure out whether to buy one of these colored gizmos or not.

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    echo problem is still there on the 270 same as the 180 i quess handspring did not address this issue. still love my 270 best thing out there
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    Rec'd unit on Tuesday and by Wednesday screen had gone black. Handspring has said that it will take 3-7 days to get a unit to ship to me. Pretty bad planning if they have no units in reserve for replacing defectives. Service representatives are uneven and are not consistent in their responses nor are they knowledgeable. One rep had me download a Visor patch for the screen. Had to hard reboot to get out of that mess. Then he wouldn't give me an RMA until someone else had spoken to me (as if the screen would miraculously start working again if someone else with more knowledge could prescribe a fix) I was supposed to wait for a couple of days until another tech called me to confirm. I called another # and after a quick diagnosis they gave me an RMA and now there is no getting around the wait.

    I am not a happy camper.
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    I've had mine for about a week, and I'm very happy with it! In comparison with my old VisorDeluxe/Visorphone combination, there are lots of little enhancements that make the 270 more pleasant to use. A few details:

    No problem with echo. I called my wife and asked her explicitly to make sure. She also said, without my asking, that she thinks it sounds better than the Visorphone did.

    I like the keyboard. I do wish there were a way to customize the menus for the special characters, as I find some of them non-intuitive. But other than that, I already can write things faster than I ever could in two years of using my Visor Deluxe. I especially like the ability to turn on the keyboard's backlight in a dark room -- this feature by itself makes the 270 worth getting.

    I like the color screen. It's much easier to read than the Visor Deluxe's black-and-green one. Indoors, it's bright enough that I could use it as a flashlight if I needed to. Outdoors in sunlight, it's a little dim but still quite readable.

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