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    The Treo is too quiet. Using the jog dial, I can't even hear the caller until the volume is set to about 5 out of 8, and on a city street or in a car, I always have it on 8.

    Now, clearly the Treo can be made louder - we have the speakerphone function, which is about '15' on the 1-8 scale. The problem is that there is no way to make it that loud using the volume control - you must hit the speakerphone button, which is TOO loud.

    It seems the problem is that the volume dial is just setup wrong. '1' should be a setting where you can barely hear the caller, '8' should be almost as loud as the speakerphone setting.

    I propose someone write a hack to correct this, and I'll pay money for it when it's done. I bet others will too. It is very simple - simply change the 'scale' of the volume control so that it goes from 5-15, rather than 1-8. Make sense?
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    or maybe you could put it on speakerphone with the volume really low and still hold it up to your ear!
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    The only problem with the "always use speakerphone" approach is that the phone always defaults back to non-speakerphone mode with each new call...
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    Actually, that's a product defect. See this thread: Is it supposed to sound like this?

    I've already ordered a replacement Treo 270 because of this problem.
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    I called handspring for a replacement TREO 270 yesterday. The speaker in the one I recently received is much weaker than the TREO 180 my wife currently has. I can barely hear the Speakerphone and placing it to my ear is too quiet also at full volume level. I guess this is a pretty common problem...
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    My Speakerphone seems somewhat louder than my Treo 180. The headset (speakerphone off) is about the same as the Treo 180.
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    I'd like to clarify something - my speakerphone is PLENTY loud. Clearly the Treo can be loud enough.

    The problem is simply that the jog dial does not allow access to the higher volumes.
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    Make sure you have the speaker located directly over your ear. When I have my vol all the way up, I can hear it across the room (NOT on speakerphone), yet I'll hand it to someone else and they'll have trouble hearing it. Thanks to the clear window I can see they have it up too high, and they're missing the speaker.
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    Your not crazy ..... your right ..... it needs a hach to correct the speaker problem ..... hopefully it will come .... Bob
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    Hear Hear! I agree too. I live in Manhattan, and the volume is a bit too low for the street sometimes. Any developers want a crack at it?.....
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    i'm having the same problem. my speakerphone is PLENTY loud...but the regular volume is unacceptably low, i can't hear the person unless i am in a superquiet room. is there any fix in the works? has anyone had success returning the phone for a new one?

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