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    People who, for one reason or another, developed an irrational emotional attachment to their mobile phone and exist within vacuum with other equally...focused...people.

    I realize how insulting that sounds and it's really not my intention to offend anyone who kept renewing and releasing and renewing IP addresses on their Pres so they could vote multiple times but it's getting kind of scary.
    i could have voted more than once? shoot
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    I fail to see the correlation between the stock being up and Palm being "fine". If people are not buying, or exchanging their 2nd/3rd/4th/5th.....Pres in droves, how does the stock going up a few cents today (or yo-yoing every few days) get them out of the funk?

    If someone is tight with someone high up in Palm or whatever, please beg them to contract out to HTC for new designs or hardware or something. They need innovative new hardware fast, and the Pixi is not cutting it at all. No matter how "innovative" WebOS is, the hardware has to be up to the challenge as well.

    Just imagine a Nexus-like slab (or a HTC Legend) running WebOS.........
    .....Life is But Such Sweet Sorrow.....
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