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    I can't believe it, but it looks like the folks at have scooped everybody, even the good folks here at! As you can see in the image above, a picture has been leaked from Palm showing the new Treo 950p. In a move that seems crazier than dropping WebOS for Android, Palm has apparently decided that there are still enouch Palm OS/Garnet OS fan boys to warrant a device for them to call their own.

    I guess we can all stop complaining about how there aren't any WebOS apps that can edit documents as this device will surely run Docs to Go. In a strange move though, the article explains that Palm has included an emulator that will run "old" WebOS apps; in almost the opposite of what they did with Classic from MotionApps. The editors at believe that was an indication that Palm is dropping WebOS, but IMHO this is just Palm diversifying their portfolio, and giving the people what they want. Unfortunately, there's no indication from the article that the WebOS emulator will or will not be able to run the 3D games that we have come to love, or if the new Treo 950p will support mobile hotspot. Since the device will be running Garnet 5.5, it's safe to assume that it won't. The hardware looks exactly like the Palm Pre Plus (no LED button), so hopefully it will have the same specs.

    For those of you that read this entire post before screaming in the response, Happy Belated April Fools. :-D
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    go ahead and ignore everything but the better late than never part not too many late images
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    you missed april fools day...
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    If this is the next great platform release for Palm (which I seriously doubt) then Sprint and HTC are licking their chops right now.
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    I have learned one thing from this post: Don't read
    If anything, this post is an attempt to get people to their website.
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    yeah saw this over at pocketnow website the other day...the only thing I took from it was Wow, I really miss that Treo nice would that look, esp in the gesture area...I love my pre plus but don't like the name...Treo sounds so much better
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    lol, not even a good fake. Looks like someone got ahold of the Palm Cobalt simulator and wanted to cause trouble.

    Though I commend them for a retro-style April Fools joke
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    I wanted to believe it myself... finally, a TREO with wi-fi and a large screen! I'll definitely get that instead of the Pre, should it ever come out

    I'm still using my Treo 680, as the Pre isn't available here in Asia

    Good job on the April Fools joke though :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by blz2 View Post
    I have learned one thing from this post: Don't read
    If anything, this post is an attempt to get people to their website.
    No, I don't work for pocketnow. I just noticed the article the day after April fool's in my Google reader, and I was shocked that noone even mentioned it here. I hope somebody got a giggle out of it. :-)
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    I've never heard of pocketnow before in my life.
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    Meh. I knew it sounded fishy all along. If you used the C40 mockup images it would have been more believable. Try again next year.
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    ha! a treo??? whata piece! leave that where u found it. in ur imaginary world. even treo fans would have to agree that is a terrible mock up.

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