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    Artistic value: B+
    Modeling skill: A
    Phone Design: C-
    Originality: Expelled for plagiarism.

    Any attempt to fit that into a package that thin at this point, would result in a device with about 5 minutes of battery time. It's a nice idea to have things that thin, but not possible today.

    Also, it basically looks like an iphone with a slider. In fact, when I saw the first picture, I thought I was looking at a photograph of an iphone at first.

    The Pre does not look like an iphone, or a blackberry, or any other device on the market with the exception of those cheese chinese knock-offs. The last thing HP/Palm needs to do is make a clone of the iphone, or a clone of the droid, or a device like this, which is basically what you'd get if you left an iphone and a droid together in the dark for too long with Dire Straights playing on the radio.
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    Im not sure what the rest of the thread stated... but I feel its too iphone'ish (post 1). Look at the Palm Pre and Pixi. Completely different breed from the rest of the square phones out there.
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    Cool idea, I think the gesture area would need to be re-worked to have it be something like a droid...
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    all that minus the iphone look = very nice
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