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    Has any1 made any experiences with overclocking software for Treo? Most apps I have seen like Afterburner or Tornado V are just for 16MHz or 20MHz Palm devices. Do they still work? Does any function suffer? The phone module needs to stay working, of course!
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    You want to make sure your overclocker supports 33mhz processors. I use FastCPU, and it works fine. Even lets me take it up to 66mhz if I'm crazy enough. I usually keep my apps at 33mhz, since few of them need the boost. FastCPU lets you adjust clock speed on a per-application basis, which is a must, imho.

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    Wireless functions do not seem to tolerate overclocking very well. If you try it, the unit will not pick up a cellular signal and it will quickly force a soft reset.

    However, other apps seem to be fine when overclocked.
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    Which apps did you overclock ? They all seems quite fast to me ?
    ALso once overclocked did you notice a real increase in speed ?
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    I don't overclock any wireless apps. In fact, I overclock very few apps. Some of them don't even respond well to overclocking. For example, HandyShopper2 can have some wait times while re-sorting a long list, which overclocking would help, but overclocking can have an effect on the grayscale drawing, as well as make sounds not work properly.
    Instead, I overclock things like AvantGo (slow for long pages and scrolling sometimes), Quicksheet, and other data-heavy apps. I'd overclock image programs that compress and decompress, but I rarely look at pics any more. If I ever get a color device, the first thing I'm doing is loading it with pics.
    So, I don't really need or utilize overclocking, but at least Fast CPU is one that will work.
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    Anybody know if there is an overrcloker program that supports the NR70's 66Mhz processor?
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    With Fast CPU, can you 'underclock' certain apps, like the to-do list or built-in memo pad, thus saving battery life?
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    Yes, FastCP allows underclocking. Running on my Treo, I can take an app down to 22mhz, or all the way up to 66mhz (though it warns of instability at that speed). Each app can be individually set and locked. Locking makes it such that the speed will not change for that app if you use FastCPU's ability to reclock all the apps with one tap.
    Please check out Fast CPU on Palmgear. I'm sure a search for "FastCPU" will turn it up. ;-)
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    Thanks. I'm trying it out. It lets me on my Visor Deluxe take programs down to 13mhz (from a normal 16) or up to 32.

    I'm amazed at the speed difference - I've been afraid to try overclocking before, but figured what the heck. I like how it lets me set options for programs on my CF card.

    Do any of the other programs let me take my device any lower or higher?
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    from my experience, double the processor's actual speed is the upper limit. I don't know how the lower limit is determined. I'm sure both the upper and lower limits are determined by the physical capabilities of the chips themselves. If FastCPU won't let you go faster or slower, I sincerely doubt other apps will, at least not without major instability.

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    Originally posted by ToolkiT
    Anybody know if there is an overrcloker program that supports the NR70's 66Mhz processor?

    Oh shut up you traitor!

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