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    Got my 270 today and right now not happy. After I turn on wireless mode it connects to my network (VoiceStream) but then after about 30 seconds, I get a fatal exception and have to reset. I have not installed anything so far and have not even synced.

    I have alot of information of the SIM card and I am thinking that might be it. Anyone else experience this problem? Any suggestions?

    Thanks all.
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    My 180 would not log on to the voicestream network when I used the SIM from a Nokia 6190. I dropped by the VoiceStream store and swapped out the SIM, volia, it worked. Maybe you just have a defective SIM.

    But if your Treo came with the SIM, then it's probably a treo hardware issue.
    Good Luck!
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    Just a question about the Crashing, does in happen when it asks you if you want to copy the info from your SIM into the Phone?

    What I did to resolve this on the Treo 180 was stick the SIM back in my Cell Phone, Delete all the messages, and then back in the Treo.

    There was also a patch that I got from Handspring download section, (not the update), that stopped the Treo crashing everytime somebody sent me a Nokia Picture message.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I fixed the problem and it is now working. My SIM card was out of a phone for about a week and when I inserted it into the Treo, it kept crashing it because of all the SMS messages that were backed up.

    Now it works like a charm and I am very happy. It is so nice not having to lug around my heavy iPAQ w/ a cell.

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