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    The current 4g radios are supposed to be power hogs so I can see Palm forgoing 4g this round in favor of better battery life. Knowing that 4g won't be of any use to the masses before the second or third gen 4g devices are out it makes perfect sense to skip it this round. Besides that, it's kind of like HD DVD vs. Blu Ray, you have 3 competing technologies and you all know that somebody has to loose and won't be around in a year or 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by precrack View Post
    3g is fine.. is not like where u live got 4g, so why? showoff much
    I travel ALOT. Especially nyc and philly market and immediate family lives very close to philly market. From what I was informed... Atlanta and miami have it and will connect the dots this upcoming new year, so yeah... It's like that
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