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    I saw this at "" this morning, haven't seen any discusson on this. Is
    this legit info? Or another April fools joke.

    BREAKING: Slate Device Outed from 1.4.1 SDK
    March 31 2010 by Kim in PND Blog |7 Comments
    A webOS application developer has tipped Palm News Daily that new code in the 1.4.1 SDK that was released hours ago specifically mentions a future slate like device from Palm similar to the iPad/Courier/HP Slate or possibly the Palm Foleo project that was scrapped several years ago. The developer who has asked to remain anonymous found two different mentions of the future device codenamed foleo2 in new placeholder code:
    /* ** FUTURE HOLD – RIK ** */
    “summary”: “hello world!”,
    “device”: “foleo2″,
    “from”: “sys-admin”,
    “message”: 903169379577,
    “folder”: 533612220397,
    “accountName”: “device test”,
    “account”: 3092274590523,
    “login”: “Palm ()”
    //DETAIL: The Captured event _should_ terminate later if the SetSnapshotDelayDuration function were to
    //be included. Retest foleo2 after next code update to confirm.
    It is no secret that Palm’s developers leave comments in the source code of webOS as many developers have noticed since the launch in June of last year. Often these comments are just plain silly like this one:
    //<– gaze into the javascript abyss
    // This should not happen
    // Every time you call this, somewhere a kitten dies
    // this is weird
    // Welcome to the house of javascript hacks. Please enjoy your stay!
    // Finally remove any remaining scripts to avoid any evilness they may bring
    // TODO: Peter will fix this
    or sometimes the notes function as a placeholder for a future To Do task:
    /* Used to be float:left, but this did not cause the parent element to have height (it was always 0px). Daniel, please investigate. */
    Whatever the case, it appears as if current testing of the device is underway, the biggest question we would like answered is will it have a keyboard like the*original*Foleo (similar to a netbook) or will it be more like an Apple iPad?
    In any event it seems*as if Palm is making a Round 2 attempt at the Foleo and with the power of webOS we say why not?
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    I'm really not sure if this is true or not. I'd love it to be though
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    totally aprill fools!
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    no way true
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    April fooleos!!!!

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