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    Hey Folks, I need your help.
    I'm trying to find a way to Sync the memo pad between my Palm V and Treo 180.

    I use the Treo as my primary device, but still use my Palm V and Keyboard for taking notes.

    While the inital treo hotsync captured the memo's on the Palm V and transferred them to the Treo, I can't seem to keep them in Sync anymore.

    I create new memo's on the Palm V, and it syncs fine, but the additions never make it over to the Treo nor do they appear on the palm desktop.

    I've tried naming them the same thing, (username) at it just results in conflicts between devices.
    Any ideas on an easy way to keep them in sync?
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    I bet someone could fashion something to hook up the Treo to a palm keyboard. That would be sweet. Not really a solution to your problem, but I figured I'd think outloud. :-)
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    You can Beam the memo that you want to transfer over to the Treo. If you want to transfer the entire memo database, you can also do this with utlilities like BeamPro or Filez. Finally, you can import the Memo under your Palm V user name into the database under your Treo user name. You can find import options under File | Import in the Palm Desktop software.

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