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    What apps don't require the gesture area? It's a core feature of the OS. How would you "minimize" a program without swiping upwards?
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    clock, videos, internet browsing, gps and the list goes on. Say your watching a video. Simply tap on the screen and the gesture area would disappear and leave you with a larger screen. If you want it back, tap on the screen again. Same with other apps.
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    Nah, bro, I am not feelin' this at all.
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    That isn't going to work. One example....If i'm web browsing I wouldn't want the gesture area to pop up and resize the screen every time I taped the screen to follow a link, scroll, zoom or double tap to auto zoom.

    Palm did their homework with how webOS interacts with the user. The brain fart was the hardware quality.

    I vote no.
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    yall are killin me. Oh well just an idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by crissd00d View Post
    What do you guys think?
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    the whole point of the gesture area is that it is hardware-based, meaning ALWAYS accessible. what you are asking for is essentially a step backward because gestures that used to be easily and quickly accessible would take longer as users have to keep turning the "virtual gesture area" on and off.

    aside from that, gaining a little bit of screen real estate at the bottom of a physical device doesn't really buy much because most if not all phones always leave a little extra room at the bottom... for a reason: ergonomically, it is difficult for users to use fine motor movements in that area, because the hand needs to both hold a device as well as interact with the touchscreen. this is also why the gesture area is a gesture area in that location and why it works: it does NOT require fine motor movement to invoke.
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    At this point, i can't see the gesture area going strictly virtual, if only because i can't see how it would be implemented in a way that even approaches the intuitiveness of the hardware form. It would definitely need to be accessible at all times. Maybe an opaque overlaying gesture area could pop up in the lower portion without resizing the screen, whenever the screen is touched, disappearing when not touched for perhaps a few seconds. Then again I'm not an OS developer. Maybe someone out there can hash this out. Great thinking, crissd00d!
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    I see where you are coming from, but no... Like others have explained, it just wouldn't work.I love the gesture area, and how it's always there, i can always swipe back! no need to look for a virtual button, or anything. I actually hope the c40 gets a second gesture bar to, so i have all the same functionalities when using it in landscape.

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