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    +1....I read all the bs about the $5 credit but never found anything to click on to select it!
    yeah it is their, if you have not used it already. once you log in to your acct then look to the right where it has the sprint primer and click explore my possibilities, then that will take you to another page, and all you have to do is scroll down to where it says $5 off and click on it, then it should take you to a confirmation screen
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    yea and at the end it says something about splinter cell conviction from gameloft to txt scc to some number. i did but it said it wasn't available then i about a week later i got a txt saying it is. so i clicked the link but it sent me to the regular pre gameloft site with no splinter cell in sight..... I WANT THIS GAME lol anyone know anything?
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    I'm not seeing it.
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    Only thing that mentions it says they'll let me know when its time to celebrate and I've been a premier customer for over a year.
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    Could this have been time sensitive?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cecius View Post
    Could this have been time sensitive?
    no, once you are eligible then it should stay in your custom page until you use it, maybe you are not eligible yet
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