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    What happened with me!! I have ordered 270 from HS ( I ordered at 6th (thursday) of this month.

    My credit card was charged on friday (1 day after i ordered). Now thursday and called HS. They said this bloody 270 is not in stock.

    I am very very angry. How can HS charge my credit card for a product if its not in stock?????????? its brass.

    Please some1 tell me who ordered 270 from HS (UK) website how many days does treo arrived from order to arriving??

    Because I am really afraid not to get my treo for some for days or weeks??(((

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    They shouldn't have charged your card until they had the device packed it and were ready to ship.

    The only thing that I think they do sometimes is authorize the amount but not actually charge it until the unit ships. That is what I have found in the U.S. at least.

    Good luck.
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    They often will authorize the charge, which results in a decrease in your available credit in the amount of the charge. If you have seen such a drop, rest assured it doesn't mean you are being billed for it. It basically means HS has told your credit card company "We are going to take this money when we ship the device, so don't promise it to anyone else." Of course they won't actually bill you the money because they haven't taken it yet.
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    The problem is that, the money dissapeared from my account. So pretty sure HS charged my account on friday...

    Thats why it is strange nobody knows about delivering my treo. and HS informed me its not in stock....

    So very very strange....

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    If there is no reference number for the missing amount then there is no charge. Folks tend to mix up "authorize" with an actual charge.
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    Well, if you ordered from the UK Website, then the US mail order laws would not apply.
    So they may have indeeded charged you before they even had the product in stock.

    My experiance was similar for the 180 prior to introduction.
    They charged my card, said it wasn't in stock, but it showed up on my door a few days later.

    I didn't get a shipment notification until AFTER I'd recieved it. So maybe there's just a big deal in updating all the related systems.

    I'm sure they are outsourcing production so the delay in information seems reasonable.

    Good luck!
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    And u were right. Today HS updated it system, my Treo Shipped thanks good)

    Waiting for it now)

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    So long as we are talking about Treo delivery practices, HS shipped mine at 9 p.m. from Indiana (I believe) and it was in my hand in Houston the next morning by 10:30. Amazing!

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