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    I was messing around with my new Nokia 8390 and Treo 90 last night and tried beaming a contact from the Treo to the phone. It worked perfectly. Not only did all the information for the contact (I had multiple phone numbers and email addresses for this particular person) transfer over, but they were all labeled correctly on the phone after transfer. The number I had listed as "home" on the Treo was automatically shown as "home" on the phone, the number I had listed as "mobile" on the Treo automatically showed up as "mobile" on the phone. I knew the information would transfer via IR, but I never dreamed that the categorization would transfer as well.

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    Have you tried beaming multiple contacts, or does it need to be one at a time?
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    I'm not sure how to beam more than one contact at a time from the Treo, so I haven't tried yet.


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