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    I can't be the only one... can I?

    I bank with B of A and have been trying to get into online banking but keep getting told that I need a browser that supports 128 bit encryption... HELLO... I thought I was!

    Does anyone know of a way around or through this or have I been listening to too much PDA browser propaganda, thinking that I can access anyplace I want to go?

    Sure would be nice to get into my bank info.

    Thanks in advance, even if you're confronting me with reality


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    Well I can get into one of my online Bank sites but not the other. Most of these sites are especially designed for either IE or Netscape. This is why you are having problems logging in. Email your bank and let them know that you want to access your accounts via your PDA. My main bank as a Palm OS App (not a PQA file) that I can use to access my information at anytime (securely). It is much better using this application than logging in through the site directly.
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    Your bank's systems are probably just using the browser's agent name to determine if they support the browser or not. If they don't recognize the agent name, they assume it won't work.

    Have you tried the Eudora web browser?

    The problem I have with Blazer is it refuses to connect to SSL sites using wildcard Thawte certificates even though they state they do support Thawte certs. Yeah, they support the non-wildcard ones. They automatically assume wildcarded certs are invalid. This also suggests that you wouldn't be able to access your corporate intranet and its possible privately signed cert. My workaround for the Blazer issues? EudoraWeb.

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