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    Wasn't sure if we were intitled or not but my 180 ser# got me the Blazer 2.0 upgrade and...


    I could just be imagining it but it seems quite a bit faster. It took 364K out of the memory, no big thing. I think it downloads faster and seems to run/process faster.

    The upgrade page said for Visorphone users and I was thinking that HS had lumped VP and Treo together before so I'd give it a try... put in the ser# and BINGO.

    I still cannot get on to online banking @ B of A... was hoping the 128 SSL would do the trick. B of A says I need either Netscape or IE... DUH!

    Someone else give this a try and let me know if it is just lack of sleep or an overdose of anticipation waiting for the 270

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7
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    My Treo 180 indicates that it already has Blazer version 2.0 build 49.

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    VeloSlave you sure you ain't DietrichBohn's twin? You got way too much time on your hands. The Treo already has Blazer 2.0. You arfe wasting precious memory.
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    OK so you're onto my late night crack habit...

    I was thinking that maybe this was the new version that the 270 was going to get?? I feel a little foolish right about now BUT I'm not kidding it seems a LOT faster.

    The two speed tests/ how I know it is going faster situations are;

    1) When you have been using the browser and go to use another PDA funtion and get the "please wait" in the little box while it switches? The wait for that is now about 1/5 of what it used to be.

    2) When you use the back arrow in the browser or just start up the browser with out connecting and there is the delay of getting the page that is in cache to display. Once again around 1/5?

    It even seems to scroll faster with large pages loaded.

    Yardie has (rightly so) popped my happy place balloon before but I think this is working for me... don't know why... maybe because it is stored in RAM?

    Someone give this a try, I might be sane this time. If not, use your BB gun at will.

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7
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    I have never seen anything fast about blazer compared to other browsers. I actually see a little better performance with avantgo as a brower. But if there are some recent improvements to be be seen, I would expect that HS has cleaned up some things with the blazer server, that actually finds the data, formats it compresses it and makes it available to the hand held. 180 is gone waiting for the 270 so can't test, but I am pleased to see some positive indications.

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