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    Although my old Treo 755p is totally hosed from being dropped in a lake, the Tungsten T5 I was using prior to that is still in good working order.

    I was thinking of keeping it to use just as an MP3 player - the Palm RealPlayer app it has works very nicely, and the device has a standard size 3.5mm headphone jack and an SD card slot.

    Does anyone know what the maximum size SD card that a T5 will work with? They have 16 g SDHC cards available now, but don't want to drop $50 on one if the T5 is unable to read it.
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    Probably 4 gig would be the largest. My wife had a LifeDrive and that was the bigest it would handle. It couldn't handle any SDHC cards, only normal SD cards. Hope this helps.
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    Honestly I thought I had a 8GB card in mine. I will dig it up and look.
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    Dmitry G. has a program called PowerSDHC which allows some Palm devices including T5 to use SDHC cards up to 32 gb. You can obtain a free trial at PalmPowerups. I use it on my Palm TX and it works very well!
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