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    I downloaded the 800MHz patch and then dowloaded preware cause I didnt have it, and now my pre wont turn on at all. it gets stuck on the reboot screen with either the still "PALM" or the flashing "PALM" Is there a way to do a hard reset with the keyboard or something? I tried using webOS doctor, but it still wont turn on.
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    Hold power and slide the mute switch off and on about 3-4 times. I will force a full phone reset.
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    @finally pre. I tried that. It starts reseting but it just stays on the "PALM' screen for hours and does nothing.
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    haha, i also did that..didnt work...
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    this happened to me yesterday, i got rid of all the patches i had including the 800mhz patch n updated my pre to the latest firmware, after that i went n got it all back even the 800mhz patch, everything was fine until i decided i wanted to install the theme i created back on my phone so i did that n something went wrong idk y but the launcher background looked messed up kinda funny n some of the icons just had a moon picture, i then restarted my phone thinking it might fix the problem but it got stuck at the palm logo.....i had to doctor the phone, there's no other way to fix it.

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