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    I have a few questions about the treo I was hoping someone could answer.

    Is the dialer program seperate from the palms addressbook? Is it compatible with third party addressbook apps (specificly Super Names) I love Super Names as its allows me to sort by first name, which bugs me to no end that the Palm Addressbook dosnt. Am I going to have issues?

    This is one of the things that is making me wishy washy over getting one when they start shipping the Sprint treos.
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    the phonebook on the treo can be set to 1st name 1st. its in preferences
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    The Treo's Contacts application with it's added abilities, which are surely helpful, still lacks some of the features which where available in old address book versions.

    For instance, it's great that it does not dial extra fonts written in the phone number field (such as: "-", A-Z etc.), but at least they could have show them in the view - now I cannot see diffrent names written beside the number, for instance if I have 2 extensions in same company, the name helps to identify or write extra information.
    The data is still there but it is not shown.

    *** Also, I have a small Bug, which does not allow me to reach the 4th custom field which I have renamed as Birthday.
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    The Treo stores the 'Bussiness 2' filed in Outlook as an 'Alternate Work' number in the default address book. But when you select the (alternate) number from the listing and select dial, it is unable to do so and gives a message to 'check the number, as it is not correct'. The reason for this is (atleast in my case), that I store all my numbers in the following (internationally accepted standard) method ( +country code (area code) number ) for eg. +1 (201) 555-1212 In the listing Treo shows that as "Alternate Work +12015551212" The problem arises from the fact that the Treo does not dial extra fonts written in the phone number field (such as: "-", A-Z etc.) which is great except that it also drops the "+" and does not dial it, therefore rendering the phone book useless for dialling the second number of the listed contact, be it Home or Work.
    An alternate phone book, 'Action Names' which I use on the other hand does nto have this problem and is able to dial the phone number with no problem.

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