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    First off, please excuse my ignorance.

    As documented in a previous thread, I have decided to go the divergence route and now currently use a Nokia 8390 GPRS-capable phone and a Treo 90. Yesterday, I added GPRS service to my VoiceStream contract, and after waiting a couple of hours for the update to activate, gave GPRS a spin on the 8390.

    Again, like I said, you have to excuse my ignorance. What I'm wondering is: what does GPRS get me that dialing into an ISP with a web-enabled phone doesn't? Near as I can tell, GPRS is not really "always on". I experienced a delay of about five seconds for the phone to "connect" to the GPRS service.

    Does anyone know if Email really is "pushed" with the GPRS service, or do you need to "connect" to the GPRS data network first to get it? I was under the impression that email would just be automatically sent to your phone as you received it. But even at that, the only advantage I can see in that over the standard SMS (which is what I consider "push" messaging) is that: 1) You can receive your home email on the phone rather than only messages sent to your phone address, and 2) The messages won't be limited to the 40 characters (I think that's the size) of SMS. Of course, I haven't yet had a chance to really go in and customize my "MyiStream" account yet, so that may hold some answers.

    Can anyone shed some light for me?

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    you wont really appreciate GPRS unless you've ever used plain vanilla WAP. GPRS is faster. and about the 'always on' part, when you use WAP your phone has to dial and its a visibly slow process. with gprs (dont know about 8390, i use T68) you log on once (much faster than WAP) then you can stay online websurfing then if you want to make a call, you can make your call. when you'r done you can go back to the browser and keep with what your doin. with WAP you have to have the phone call in again and sign in. also on WAP you can't receive calls the whole time you are signed on (using up airtime) but with gprs you can receive calls while you are reading WAP pages (calls can't come in during the downloading part).

    by the way the character limit for SMS is 160 characters.

    thank you for your time
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    Just to make sure I understand correctly - Can I actually log onto GPRS once every time I turn the phone on in the morning and leave it connected? It won't interfere at all with normal phone calls? (other than, like you said, you can't download while making calls). I do know that you only pay for the amount of info you download with iStream, not for the amount of time you're online.

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    i dont know about 8390 but on my T68 when leave the browser it asks me if i want to stay online and i choose yes. then i make a bunch of calls and receive a bunch of calls. and i can go back to what i was browsing w/o having to log on.

    ask 1 of your friends that hav wap and try it. youll immidietly notice how much better GPRS is.

    thats the best way.
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    Now that I know all that, I can definitely see the benefits of GPRS. By the way, how do you like the T68? I almost bought a T68 to use, but have only had experience with Nokias, so went with familiarity. I'll bet that color screen is nice.


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