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    Whilst browsing the doom and gloom threads posted here I was wondering whether to reply to one or create my own. Then I thought; what would be the point in moaning about the past - we all know Palm has really palmfaced their Palm Pre strategy and nothing said about it is going to change the situation Palm is in.

    So I think this positve thinking thread would be a good place for Palm users to offer ideas on how Palm users can help the WebOS community themselves (Ask not what your Palm Pre can do for you. Ask what you can do for your Palm Pre).

    Below is my idea, feel free to discuss it or add your own ideas to the thread.


    I think launching a third phone model would be a disaster at this time - Palm would use all of their cash reserves on it and the new model would still have the fundamental problems that the Pre has - Beta inbuilt PIM apps that have many missing key features, as does WebOS iteself and WebOS needs to get more speedier. We users can do much about WebOS itself, but as far as I am aware the PIM applications are all opensource.

    What about having individual precentral forums for each PIM app, each PIM app should have a user developer team chosen to work on it. Documentation for each PIM app's source code should be added to the WebOS Internals wiki and then each team could either work on it to make it as perfect as possible or start afresh using the PIM app documentation as a jumping point. Then when those were done Palm could concentrate on getting WebOS up to speed.

    A close community of homebrew Palm fans is how I think Palm should have and should now market WebOS. A small number of quality apps instead of 1000s of rubbish ones can be just as good. Trying to take on the might of Apple and Google was a darn stupid thing to do; it would have been stupid even if WebOS, the App Catlog and the PIM apps were perfect. They should have got the Palm fans helping give feedback on WebOS first and then thought of marketing to the general public once WebOS 2 and quality apps were mature and stable.
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    I think involving the community to develop apps is a good step. But I think marketing should still remain at Palm. Regarding the apps we can support them developing and they can integrate the code into the stock firmware.

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