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    tell me, is it easy to take the front off the treo? once removing the four small phillips screws, how do you get the front off? does it break the ultrasonic welds, that i have heard about on other threads? the reason i ask is that i am very good at changing green LEDs to super-bright blue LEDs and would like to change the keyboard backlighting to bright blue.
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    Interesting. I don't have a Treo, so I wouldn't know. But I've seen pictures of it being done on Ham Radios, it is pretty cool.

    GL if you try.
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    This would be possible with the 270, but not with the 180 because its keyboard isn't translucent. Now if only us 180 owners could get a hold of the 270 keyboard part, we could mod this in.
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    Originally posted by jwardell
    Now if only us 180 owners could get a hold of the 270 keyboard part, we could mod this in.
    I wonder how easy this would be on the 90...
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    I would be interested in finding out if this is possible on the 90 as well.

    I've already been "in the dark" and not been able to use my Treo ... made me miss graffiti ... for a minute.

    I imagine I'll learn the keys soon and will be able to type blind ... but the light would be a bonus.
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    There were no "ultrasonic welds" to speak of on my unit.
    There were some pics I posted on the visorcentral site a while back if you want to search for them.

    From memory, here's what I did:
    Remove the Stylus and unscrew the antenna.
    Note the position of the vib/ring switch (important)
    Remove the rear sim card holder
    Remove the 4 screws surrounding the case
    I also removed the screw below the sim card (can't remember if it mattered)
    I worked from the top down, using a thin hotel card to seperate the sections along the seam.
    I believe there were a couple of 'catches' on each side that I pushed back with a small screwdriver.

    All in all, not very hard and no damage.
    But make SURE you have the vib/ring switch in the right position when you put it back together, otherwise you can't use the switch and you'll have to disassemble it again to correct the problem. Guess how I know?!:>
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    There is no such thing and I wonder why this guy "Treo know it all" is trying to fib us all. I opened mine and it's no more difficult than a remote control case, ie.e a there 2 catches on each side which you must "pop" and two just under the keyboard (you can see the gap there), it requires a bit of dexterity to pop it open without damages, but I did mine without problem, I simply uses my fingernail to prise it open gently. The screw within the SIM card is to hold the boards together and it is therefore not necessary to undo.

    I think if I can source a bigger capacity battery with the same thickness then it will work.

    This also leave open the possibity of 3rd party supplier creating a back for the Treo with a removable battery, like a real cell phone. Manufacturers in the far east have been making funky design for Nokia phone for years.
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    Hi Guys.

    Can Anyone post some Photo's?

    I wish to open my unit, in order to rewire the Headphone & maybe the Antenna too, to the main connector extra pins.

    Thus being able to connect it using a single connector to my Ericsson T28 Car Hands-Free set.
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    Some were posted long ago here.


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